look like a noobing environment on me
what the hell is going on actually

"sys- what have u done in here?"
dunt know,, dont ask me anything 
i thought i will go die if u ask me other questions,,

treeet treet treet my fon ringing !
dunt know,, should be i pick it up or ignored it !

"dila,, kau kenapa dh nih? kelas xpegi! xkn sbb nek moto sehari dh xg kelas"
i dunt know what the proper answer for that,, only silent i have !
and laughing !

"kau dh berubah lah,, dulu ko xpernah ponteng kelas,, ak tggu ko ptg ni,, kalo x ak amik ko kt rumah"
"ye ak g kls k ! ak jnji !"

pffttt,, what exactly i have done?!

when i'm turning down like this,,
silent, mooding, and hibernating !
yup all of them worried,
sobsobsob thank you ! 

gve me a time to build my over blowing spirit,,

troll,, troll,, plz do so,,
r u have been read
finish it?

my mind set have the weird bloody fucking shit bad planning
and i hate it so much
hate it so much

yup,, i deserve be treated like this,,
please do treat me as a gurl who r very softly and sensitive,,
because i will give u a matured feedback without any strategycal revenge program,,
i'm not blackmailing u,,
be honest,, i'm bagging u to be more pleasant

thank you ! yup DOUBLE T WORDS!

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